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Photo Restoration & Colouring

Photo Restoration
In this digital era, photo restoration is easier to do technically than ever in the past. However, more than ever, a keen eye is of the utmost importance. We do not try to ‘modernize’ old images. We strive to restore the image to its original intention. We minimally handle your original photograph. We digitize the original artifact and do the restoration work on the digital file.

Our Services Include:
Basic Photo Fixes ~ Contrast and color correction, remove red eye
Removal of flaws (stains, folds, rips, cracks, mold, dust, silvering ~ sometimes appears in late 19th century photos)
Photo Retouching ~ Reconstruction of missing areas, or badly damaged (including water damaged) areas
Removal of unwanted elements in a photo (objects, as well as people!)
Sepia toning of color photographs
Correction of uneven fading
Photo collage and Photo Family Trees ~ Collages can include heirlooms that my be scanned such as birth and wedding certificates, archival newspaper notices, fabrics, as well as old and recent pictures.
Display your own unique family legacies, with your own personal touch. Photo collage or family tree photos can be a great gift idea for a wedding, anniversary gift photo, reunion, or 50th birthday.

Our goal is to preserve the integrity of your photos, while enhancing the original spirit of the image.

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